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Quality Control

About the quality
Original: original means the part is produced by authorized factory or workshop. Generally speaking, the quality
of original part is the best.
Copy: copy means the part is produced by unauthorized factory. The best quality in copy part is Taiwan version.
Most of the supplier sell copy, Taiwan versionpart as original part. Sometimes, we will divide the copy LCD
into several kind of quality, such as copy A and copy B. The difference of copy A and copy B is the material of the
part. For LCD, the color and the light of copy A LCD will be more beautiful than copy B LCD. For flex, the
flexibility and the connector of copy A flex is better than copy B flex.
Used: used means the part is dismantled from the mobile phone.
Refurbished: refurbished means the part was broken then the workshop mended it. The quality of refurbished part
may be the worst.
Original, self-welded: For LCD, original, self-weldedmeans the LCD is original, but the flex is welded by
unauthorized factory or workshop. For flex, original, self-weldedmeans the cable is original, but the connector
is welded by unauthorized factory or workshop.
Original, self-framed: original, self-framedmeans the LCD is original, but the frame is installed by
unauthorized factory or workshop.
Screen only: screen onlymeans the LCD is without board, without frame and without flex.

( 1) Contact us 

Via Email / whatsapp / skype / to contact with us to get the price list

( 2) Make order 
1, Making order via price list
2, Please send back the price list with your selected items and order quantity to us via email ,MSN or other any
convenient way
3, Please wait for the quotation for your order , We will send to you within 24 hours

( 3) Order confirmation 
1, Please confirm the items, quantity, price, quality, color with our sales person
2, Please select the shipping method ( DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX/EMS/air shipment/sea shipment)
3, Please send us your shipping details such as : Address , Telphone , Postcode, Receiver
4, Please wait for the proforma invoice for your order, We will send to you within 24 hours

(4) Payment 
1, Please confirm the proforma invoice for your order
2, Payment terms : Cash, T/T , West Union, Money gram in advance , you can find out our bank informations
from the proforma invoice
3, Please send us the T/T copy or West Union, Money gram informations , We will start to prepare the goods when
we receive your T/T copy

(5) Delivery 
1, We need 2-4 days to prepare your goods which depend on the order quantity
2, Please confirm the customs invoice with our sales person for the details and declared value
3, We will use your selected shipping method to send out the items, Itll need around 3-7days
4, We will send you the tracking number, customs invoice and final shipping invoice on the next day of shipping

(6) Warranty 
1, Please collect and send back to us the quality problems goods which is not man-made sabotage and in
guarantee period
2, We provide six months warranty for copy products and three months warranty for original & testing products.
3, We will offer the solution of the problems goods within 7 days after received